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your new home
APRIL, 2017
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Home Design, Staging and Styling – Pendon (London) Limited

Now that we can finally say that Spring is here, many people up and down the United Kingdom begin to think about moving or re-designing their home. Our country always look’s its best in the sunshine, and, as the days become warmer, prospective buyers begin to browse through the online estate agents in search of their dream home. Perhaps, you’ve been contemplating that move yourself but have already dismissed it as an impossibility.

Be ruthless in the Loft, Cellar, Garage and Shed

Over the years you’ve accumulated so many items and they have slowly found a place in the garage gathering a thick layer of dust. Having to make the decision as to whether to keep it them or not is just a small decision. Your house is also full of memorabilia, presents, pictures and a mark around them where the light has dulled the colour.

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You don’t even know where to start. Who is going to buy your property?
How can you even think of moving? That dream home looks further away than ever.
Or maybe you have been on the market for a while now, have been asked by the estate agent if you want to drop the price and you are confused as to why you have no takers?





This is when you call in a Home Staging, Property Styling expert with an additional skill in Interior Design.

You call us at Pendon!

We show you what sort of changes you need to make in order to secure that sale. After all, you might have found that dream home and are worrying that someone else may beat you to it. If you can’t sell your property, you may even have had an offer accepted, but will your seller wait for you?

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Sally Williams
Welcome to Pendon (London) Limited
Your new home for Home Styling Let us style your home

Home Staging sells homes fast

Selling property is a very fast merry-go-round and if you’re looking for that next step, you haven’t got time to wait. You need an expert to help you sell your home so that you can get on with your life. You want someone else to take the strain of presenting your property in a way that will have buyers competing for your house.
As experts at staging homes for sale, we know how to appeal to your target market. What will work and what won’t.
Those really important seconds when a prospective buyer is shown your property in an online search can be the difference between appointment or disappointment.

Freshening up your home

We create a buzz around your property by freshening all aspects of it. We may address tired walls using pure colours that freshen and radiate each room, or choose affordable fabrics and subtle lighting that will work in all the corners of your property accentuating each wall and each living space. We show you how to take an overstocked, tired kitchen, applying a touch of our expertise to bring it to life. In short, we cover every part of your property to ensure that each visitor is wowed by the experience.

We also inspire those who want to improve their home

Even if you are not looking to sell and are just want to improve your home but need some fresh ideas and impetus, we are here for you. We can bring in our skilled team of plumbers, builders and electricians to complete any project you have in mind.

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